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Which are characteristics that make an institution great?

When we talk about an innovative educational center, what do we mean exactly? The definition can be very broad, but throughout this post, we will try to specify what characteristics an innovative school must have. Visit our website if you are looking for ib school hong kong.

Characteristics of good institutions

They have a relatively permanent content

The guidelines, roles, and relationships they perform in a given context are traditional and lasting. Like all human work, they are subject to modifications, but these are generally slow. This is where the idea of Resistance to change comes from.

international school

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Try to get the best out of the students

Best institutions always try to improve the skills of the students no matter how dumb the students are. They create an environment of learning through which the students feel encouraged to learn and adapt more.

Have a structure or organization

The components tend to be coherent and mutually reinforcing. This is so because social roles and relationships are in themselves structured combinations of patterns of behavior.

It is a unified structure

It is evident that no institution can be completely separated from the other institutions or roles, but each of them functions as an identifiable series of patterns of behavior.

They are loaded with value because their uniformities of repeated behaviors became normative codes of conduct, some expressed in rules and written laws, having the function of exerting a subconscious social pressure on people.