The philanthropists who are existing to serve for the community

In today’s world the need for the quality education is on the rise. Whichever country one belongs to, the importance of education cannot be denied there. As the technologies and the digital equipments are taking over the world fast, it seems that there is no way but to go along with the trend.

quality education

Education in place

As the youth is growing the need for higher education is on the rise. Quality education is important and essential for these youth. It only keeps growing year after year. To help with the needs of these children’s education mariyam dawood has come up with several propositions. One major work the organization has done is that they have provided good education for these youth. They also provide prominent support in order to encourage them for their education. The first school which was a part of this institution was founded in the time of 1986. The entire school is run by keeping the quality education tagline in mind.

Updated education

The curriculum in this school is designed to keep the children updated with the current trends. Practical knowledge is given high importance here. All the innovative practices are used here in order to make the children capable of reaching an international level. Many administrators and academic experts across the world have shown their support towards this institution. These individuals come from various esteemed universities and they provide immense knowledge and support for the growth of this institution.