Modifying current buildings or starting new construction can be a large undertaking for any business to do alone. The ongoing effects of the pandemic have also created new challenges for planning, 执行, 管理建设bet5365首页.

Our experts have the knowledge and resources available to make the renovation or construction process a smooth one, 所以我们才找杰克·伯克, 高级bet5365首页经理, about his experience and how he assists our utility and energy clients as an extension of their construction team so they can focus on their primary business — providing power to communities.


I’ve spent the past four years managing infrastructure projects with a Fortune 100 energy company. Many of the infrastructure projects require mission-critical construction such as data centers, 交换机替换, 电力系统, 和更多的. In my current role as a 高级bet5365首页经理, 我是来帮忙确定范围的, 预算, and concept development for each project. 在加入KGO之前, I was in a similar role at Caterpillar overseeing a variety of projects predominantly within critical 电力系统.

While managing a project at KGO, we go through three phases:

阶段1: Scope Development, Budget Development, and Bidding for design/engineering services.

阶段2: Designing the Project and Bidding for a contractor.

阶段3: Construction Management and Project Close-out where we turn over the successful project to the client.

While the pandemic has presented new challenges, we’ve been able to successfully adapt our processes so projects can be completed timely and safely for everyone invo

You are currently working on a project that involves electric vehicle chargers. Tell us more about how KGO supports that effort.

In addition to providing services to our energy company client, we also work with their fleet of regulated utility companies across several states. They have a robust clean energy initiative and one of its goals is to electrify its fleet vehicles by 2025. To accomplish this, they need to build the infrastructure to support it. This project spans across 13 sites in multiple states over the next several years. We’ve strategically partnered with a national EV charger provider to streamline the design and implementation process for scalability and to make it happen as efficiently as possible. We are currently in the first Phase of the process undergoing Bidding for Design Services. Once the decision is made on the design approach and the partner firm(s), then we will move forward with design and construction across all 13 locations. 这一努力是五年计划的一部分. We will support the client with design and construction management.


These projects are important for our future and the push to “go green”. You can’t convert an entire fleet to electric vehicles without providing the infrastructure – there won’t be enough charging stations available to recharge the cars. Right now, we as a country are a bit behind in this aspect of the utilization of sustainable energy. The solution is not as simple as producing more electric vehicles. Rather, it’s everything that supports that initiative. 这是远离化石燃料的一大步, and the utility companies really are the leaders and forward-thinkers that we need right now. It’s special to be a part of something bigger like this.

"We consider it a privilege to be part of this movement. 通过这样的主动行动, 电力公司及公用事业, with KGO’s help are leading the way to a more sustainable future!"

What is your favorite part of projects like these?

我喜欢迎接新的挑战. 去年, 我升级了一个90岁老人的门面, seven-story crumbling building with the help of a structural engineer to design the repairs and build the 预算 for the project with unforeseen conditions.

The challenge with these projects is to have the proper design and 预算 in place 之前 hiring the contractors and starting the project – when you do, you end up coming in under 预算. We started with a building that had major structural damage and took a conservative approach to construction that worked out in the end.

What should energy and utility companies know about your services?

Our expert team has years of experience working with energy and utility companies on a wide range of projects involving construction project management, 拆迁管理, 和改变策略. We understand how finances are handled and tailor our services to integrate into our client’s systems. We manage the project finances on their behalf. Additionally, each project manager is dedicated to their accounts and strives to exceed expectations. The majority of the projects we assist with are capital replacement projects, which we are deeply embedded in the process and the strategy of these construction projects. Our objective is to make the project run easier and smoother on your end.