即使没有计划,改变也可能是具有挑战性的, 协调并完成整个组织的搬迁. At a time when you need to be focusing on your business and your employees, KGO’s relocation experts will guide you through the transition and become an extension of your real estate operations team. 

我们采访了Ellen Sywolski, KGO搬迁管理主管, about our process of assessing every aspect of an organization to develop a move plan that checks all the boxes — aligning with the company’s interest, allowing clients to maintain their business objectives and operations, preparing employees for the change and having a positive and even fun experience along the way.



我的头衔是搬迁管理主任, which means I’m in charge of moving “stuff” and people from here to there. 我们帮助客户准备和管理搬家过程. 搬家是个物流问题,如果你不经常搬家的话, you don’t know all the components and how to manage and facilitate that. 当我们参与, we’re able to streamline the process and minimize the time staff has to be actively involved in the relocation process — that way clients don’t have to take time away from their jobs. 

What trends are you currently seeing in the industry in terms of relocation, 具体地说, 疫情对搬迁有何影响?

In general, moving files, filing and paper used to be a big part of a move. 但现在没人有文件了. 

在COVID - 19方面, it’s been a combination of much less paper and people emptying out their workstations. 例如, we’re moving a client at the end of September and though they have about 65 workstations, I would say the actual contents left in those workstations would be what we would have previously found in 10 workstations. 如果我们要搬家,我们不知道有多少东西, 这使得预购过程对搬家公司来说非常重要. 我们还把东西送到客户家里. We’ve done more packing for people than we have done historically; prior to COVID-19, 这是一个非常高端的选择.


新员工培训 -一旦我们订婚了,就是了解客户的时间表. 我们雇了搬运工,所以我们写了搬运工RFP. There is a pre-move walk-through so the movers can see what they are bidding on. 我们根据对客户来说重要的标准来选择. 

清除 – Then there’s a period where the client is touching all the stuff they’ve hidden in the back. 当你要移动的时候, 你不想花钱包装和运输它, take the time to unpack it and realize you don’t want or need it anymore. 

bet5365首页将 – While we’re working in tandem with bidding the movers and purging, we’re also identifying the items that will be relocated — where they are going, 它们将在哪里使用, 如果它们合适. 这是与架构师和设计团队一起完成的

员工敬业度。 移动是压力, 变化是压力, 对付这种情况的方法就是经常沟通. So, we do that so staff understands what’s going on and what is expected of them. Different companies have different expectations of their staff during a move.

协调 – Every building has different rules and regulations such as when you can use the freight elevator and where you can be parked. So, we handle all that to make sure that part of the move goes smoothly.

包装- - - - - - We make sure that the staff gets everything packed up and that everything is labeled correctly. 

移动- It’s about getting everything moved to the new place and getting it in the correct spot. That allows the employees to come into their workstations and offices and unpack efficiently. 我们也确认了你说你要搬的东西就是我们搬的东西. 这里有签出/签入表单.

后移动, 有时标签会掉下来,所以会有失物招领. There’s a help desk because maybe you need some furniture adjusted a bit, 或者你无法映射到打印机上, 或者电脑没开. 我们在现场有搬运工和IT支持, 因为我们的目标是在一两个小时内到达现场, 员工们埋头工作.

“现在清洗! That's the biggest thing because it takes a long time to effectively do that. If you think you're going to move six months from now, start going through your stuff."


现在清洗! That’s the biggest thing because it takes a long time to effectively do that. If you think you’re going to move six months from now, start going through your stuff.  我们可以帮助计划净化, but clients have to think through that process in the same way they need to think about everything they are going to take. 

搬迁和变更管理之间有什么联系? How does KGO see trends in change management driving industry change as it relates to employees, 文化, 工作场所bte365官网地址, 等?

It’s very tempting for employees to pack everything they already have. But what you really need to be packing for is what storage you have in the new place. 小的足迹, 更多的合作空间, or more “we” space — that’s a helpful place for change management to get involved. 

Getting change management involved to socialize new spaces is also key to answer the question, “他们将如何利用新空间?” Employees have to go through all phases of change to come out in the end accepting the new space. In large environments where there will be a space utilization change, it’s helpful to have the workplace strategy team involved because they know how to move people through that process. You need to know the rules of the road, especially coming back after so long to a refreshed space. You have to understand what the new expectations are and the new policies as well as how the space will be used. 我们可以帮助他们的员工沟通变化. 

What projects are you currently working on/what is your favorite part about them?

巴尔的摩的陆军工程兵团是一个大工程. 六层,联邦雇员. 冬天我们用一个周末搬了家. 从倾盆大雨降到了零下2度. 我们经历了大范围的天气. 我们遇到了很多问题,这次搬家非常复杂. 我们不得不引进专门的供应商. 最后,一切都到位了,一切都很棒. 

When I think about moves and all this planning – I think about shuffling a deck of cards. 你把两半的东西缠绕在一起,然后就做成了桥. When you make the bridge, it can either settle right into place, or it can explode. That project hovered right at that point for a long time, and then it went fine. 这真的很困难和复杂,但每个人都很高兴. 这是一个很好的结果.

KGO's Relocation team members Ellen Sywolski and Megan Chism relaxing after a successful move in Houston, 德州.