Power Bank hk


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Types of Power Bank hk

Power Bank hk

There are various varieties of power banks that are offered in this online website.  The various types of Hong Kong  portablebanks included on this site are

  • Wireless charger, power bank 5000mAh ME-EMC-1137
  • The Diamond warm hand Plus mobile power 4500mAh MOG-WP-1010.
  • Wireless charger, power bank with mobile stand 5000mAh ME-EMC-1150.
  • Portable Charing fan 4000mAh ME-HF-1038
  • Wireless charger, powerbank 6000mAh ME-EMC-1146.

Hong Kong souvenirs are also offered at this shop. Their souvenir hk also attracts many people. Some of these include:

  • Silicon Eco memo pad with pen MSD-OD-1019
  • Universal travel power strip ME-UA-1046
  • Car humidifier280ML MC-CA-1032
  • Party 3-in-1 Tristan bottle P432.352 MDW-XD-1092
  • Car magnetic multi fiction navigation stands MCA-CA-1031