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To have another conversation about the benefits of open plan versus private office is missing the point. There are countless established advantages and disadvantages of both types of workspaces. 2019年,我们需要改变和提升关于工作场所的讨论. Facility and HR professionals need to focus discussions on how to make strategic decisions together to strengthen the workplace experience for employees.

The following ideas are changes FM and HR leaders can put into immediate practice to develop collaborative 行为 and mindsets. We seek to inspire a new way for leaders to intentionally build intra-departmental relationships and influence how their teams can work together so their workforces can reach a higher potential in the workplace every day.


建议: 大多数设施领导了解人力资源的基本日常角色. Attraction, 保留, benefits, compliance, and suddenly, eyes get hazy and glazed over. 大多数人力资源领导都知道设施是关于空间计划的, 布局, 家具, 面料和完成, HVAC, IEQ,然后鼾声开始. 开始调整议程, 设施领导应要求HR领导分享2019年的战略计划. Then, ask for HR’s perspective on areas where they see future opportunities to collaborate in capacities to benefit employees. Make sure you are prepared to reciprocate and share your facilities and real estate plan too. Over coffee or lunch build your relationship by offering feedback to each other on the plans and determine where they converge through efforts that will uplift and benefit your workforce. Also determine how you can build a fully integrated HR and Facilities plan for the next fiscal year based on strategic organizational goals.


建议: 考虑到员工, 招聘, and visitor lifecycles and map out all touchpoints where real estate and facilities have the potential to impact employees, 未来的员工, 和客人. 例如,考虑以下类型的空间来开始映射:

  • 大堂/接待区域 接待处向访客、新员工和员工传达什么信息? 每一个选民在进入和进入之后应该有什么感觉,想什么,做什么? 你的品牌整合得好吗? 最近的一项研究 Proxyclick 表示我们没有在大堂和接待区交付.
  • 面试室及办公室参观路径 -你想向员工传达什么信息? Does the quality of these spaces strengthen or hurt your employer value proposition? 你的品牌在工作场所的整合程度如何? 你的文化如何表现在态度上, 行为, 以及在共享空间和被观察时所表现出来的信念?
  • 舒适的空间 – Whether your office has a rooftop with BBQs or a five-star gym that has capacity for yoga and meditation classes, what messages do these spaces send to employees on how your organization prioritizes wellness, 工作与生活的平衡, 员工参与, 和有趣的? 你的设施是与你所培养的文化相辅相成还是有碍于它?
  • 会议室 – Determine what each unique audience (employees, clients, board members, 未来的员工, etc.)应该在您的会议空间的经验. 这些空间应该是什么样的? 在他们离开会议或活动后,你要求他们采取什么行动?

映射员工生命周期和相应的空间之后, determine which spaces require immediate attention and make these your priority through budget allocation and resource designation. 注意:这些应该与您的综合设施和人力资源战略计划保持一致.

想法3:通过扩大你们的共同议程、努力、 & 结果

建议: Demonstrate collaborative practices you want to see inside your Facilities and HR teams and then elevate the practice by talking about this approach across your organization. Get the message out to other leaders that you are leading and executing in this new unified way. Whether you present a joint agenda at Monday leadership meetings or update staff quarterly via town hall meetings, 解构你的综合设施和人力资源议程的各个部分. 这不仅会创造一个新的实践节奏, 它也有可能激励其他会计业务领导人, IT, 市场营销, etc. 采取这种方法.

This soft internal PR has the potential to change the perception of Facilities (ticket takers) and HR (rules and tools) to organizational resources that create distinct business advantages. 除非你把消息传出去,否则这事不会发生! 找到你在FM/HR的搭档,一起做! And, 如果你在营销信息和车辆方面需要帮助, 这是另一个与其他部门合作的好机会.


建议: 作为一个设施专家, when was the last time that you attended an event on a topic that was completely unrelated to the built environment? 作为人力资源专业人士, 你上次考虑办公空间对员工的影响是什么时候? 你的责任组合是相互关联的, 你不能再孤立地思考和执行. 以下是如何拓宽你对这些问题的理解:

  • 事件 ——设施领导人, consider attending events hosted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). 例如,查看由 直流社团 更加熟悉人力资源问题. Likewise, HR professionals should consider attending an International Facility Manager Association (IFMA)事件做同样的事.
  • 出版物 – Expand your inspirational sources by checking these types publications where workplace and employee experience converge.

Idea 5: Initiate a Deeper, More Meaningful Conversation with Industry + Organizational Peers

建议以取得更长期的影响和成果, this dialogue must be sustained; this isn’t a one and done effort. 以推进这一议程并抵消远程办公的影响, we must change the caliber and quality of the conversations we are having with each other and with our colleagues who lead other departments.

Consider asking these types of questions to other Facilities leaders to learn from each other:

  • 你目前如何与组织内的人力资源部门合作?
  • 你希望在哪些方面开始与人力资源部门合作?
  • What are the biggest benefits you could bring to your organization if your Facilities and HR teams joined forces?
  • How could Facilities leaders potentially impact practices, policies, procedures inside of HR?

Consider asking these types of questions to your internal HR leaders to strengthen outcomes:

  • 你是否了解如果人力资源部门和设施部门合作对员工的好处?
  • 现在是什么让我们的议程不一致?
  • 我们的员工将从一个联合的设施和人力资源议程中得到什么好处?
  • 我们一致的议程如何能增强吸引力, 保留, brand and culture as well as the overall impact of Facilities/CRE on the organization’s goals & 目标?
  • 我们如何开始建立更牢固的工作关系?
  • How could our integrated approach become an inclusive practice across our organization?

集体, 这些实践旨在产生提高您的员工的利益, strengthen the impact of your workplace and build a more integrated approach to your employee experience. Prospective outcomes of this Facilities and HR collaboration have the potential to result in:

  • 更强的品牌和文化体现在实体空间中
  • 一致和清晰的员工体验
  • 为新员工推荐
  • 客户和潜在客户巡演后的公关
  • 提高员工的士气和办公室自豪感
  • 对远程办公的兴趣降低
  • 空间被视为员工的福利


如果你和我们一样对这个话题感兴趣和热情, 我们很乐意收到你的来信. 在第二季度, the Capital Chapter of IFMA will host an event on communications that integrate HR and Facilities. If your organization already demonstrates a strong collaboration and agenda between the two entities, 请在下面评论分享更多你的经验!