Carolina Trana // Project Manager

With 24 years’ worth of Project Experience under her belt, Carolina is a strong asset to not just the KGO Team, but to each project she is a part of. She has a strong understanding of project requirements which allow her to coordinate team activities and hire the best vendors for the job, ensuring that every unique project stays on-budget and on-schedule.  Her attention to detail and genuine care for each client and their value creates a positive, long-term relationship with all parties involved.  

Carolina continues her passion within her personal life, where she enjoys event planning for herself, her four kids and other relatives. One of her favorite projects to date has been putting together her daughter’s Quinceañera. Similar to all projects she is a part of, she cannot wait to see her vision come to life! Her Project Management skills come in handy when negotiating contracts, creating and maintaining a set budget, and ensuring the quality work of vendors. She makes sure that every project is treated as if it was her own, calling for a high standard of quality that keeps our clients coming back.